Which projection did you use? Why?

I used orthographic projection because I plan to create a turn based 2D RPG and using full 3d for this game seems a little bit too far out of the scope of this project.

Which perspective did you use? Why?

I used top down or kind of 3rd person perspective for my game because it makes sense to use so that the player can see everything around them and check information about it all regardless of whose turn it is.

User Interface Description:

The user interface will consist of the mouse being a pointing tool to move a cursor to select a unit or terrain to then see details about said unit or object and then interact with a menu to decide what the unit would like to do. The player can also use the keyboard to bring up the menu and to move the unit they chose. The keyboard or the mouse will be able to move this cursor via WASD or mouse motion respectively. Right click or 'J' will bring up the menu for a unit. And the play can then select an option from the menu or click away using the Left click or 'J' again. 'K' will work as a back button to go back through the options that have been selected in the menu. This menu will appear on top or within the game window.

Display function flow:

Currently, my display function is functioning in this order; It starts by clearing the color, displaying the grid-lines, making sure everything is not selected and then selecting the currently selected x and y coordinate, displaying a cursor on this unit, displaying the units as triangles with colors that vary based on their unit type, and then swapping the buffers.

Other functionality:

Idle currently just posts redisplays so that the game window is constantly being updated. I will be using timers to show the health of units currently in battle that will dissipate over a few seconds after the battle has finished. I will be using some movement of the units controlled by unit's controller on their turn, whether that be AI or human. There will be calculations during a battle between units that takes into account each unit's speed, strength, health, defence and such. This calculation will determine who hits who, how many times, and how damaging those hits were.

Demo Screen Caps!

myth1 myth2 myth3


Units swap with other units during movement as opposed to colliding. Not that much has been done for many bugs to have popped up.

What's left:

Way too much. Making everything pretty with textures and menus not just console awful console outputs t.t Also refining the battle system past just damaging based on strength, infinite world generation, a tutorial/prologue with scripted dialogue and story, LAN coop and more.

My code!


Doc, and Fire Emblem.

My Homework

More updates coming soon, until then, enjoy this No Face feels gif.