Myth of the Dark Sagas

Run the program, click on any unit of the grid to select it. Once selected, you can right click to access a context sensitive menu.

This menu will be specific to the unit that is selected. If it is the player's unit, "Snow", the player will have 3 options, Attack, Move or Details.

If the unit selected is an NPC or a Monster, the player will have the option to see the unit's details.

If it is just the terrain, the player will be able to change the color of the window's grid.

Pressing 'M' on the keyboard will spawn 4 monsters on the field randomly, pressing 'B' on the keyboard will spawn 4 NPCs on the field randomly, pressing 'N' will nuke the field of all NPCs and enemies.

If the player selects the move command on their unit, they can move the unit 5 times. If the player selects attack, the player must use 'WASD' to select a direction from the unit to attack, then press the 'J' key to attack in that direction, or to stop the attack, press 'K'.

The details menu selection will display the name, type, health, strength, and movement. The escape key will exit the program.


myth1 myth2 myth3


If the player selects move from the menu and then selects another unit, the move command is forgotten, but if the player were to move one space at least, then if the player selects another unit, and then clicks back, the moves left are preserved.

My code!


Unit Texture and Enemy Texture.


Doc, Fire Emblem and Stackoverflow.

The most difficult part of the project has been trying to get GLui to work, because I have spent the most time on that to no success. I will continue to fight with it so that I will have it working for my thesis instead of the nasty console window. Getting the library to link has been the main source of my problems and at this point I plan to try to compile it from source on my machine to get it working.

The most interesting part of the project has been getting textures working. The way Glut does textures, while it is not great, is very interesting to work with and has limitless potential. I plan to give almost everything in the game textures that vary based on time, using your timer class, to give the illusion of animation. Of course this is not yet implemented, but will come in time.

My Homework

More updates coming soon, until then, enjoy this No Face feels gif.